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DEEPROP® supercharges production uplift
and extends a well’s life in complex plays
providing an immediate ROI.

Field-proven Deeprop® Benefits:
Significantly more uplift.
Lower treating pressures. 
Generating larger productive fracture area.
Less steep decline curves.


Achieving positive uplift in shale plays like the Permian Basin and Woodford SCOOP
requires proppants that penetrate smaller fractures and keep them open longer. Zeeosphere’s Deeprop® microproppant is precisely suited to maximize uplift by going where 100-mesh sand cannot – propping open a formation’s secondary fracture network to maximize conductivity and extend the productive life of the well.

*Field results from Permian, SCOOP, Barnett and Utica Basin Test Wells over 36 mos. have Uplift ranging from 10% to 81%.

Deeprop® Field-proven ROI enhancements:

Utica: Well produced an additional 26,000 BOE in 15 months, 3-month payback.

SCOOP: Well produced an additional 71,500 BOE after 36 months, 4-month payback.

Permian: Well produced an additional 23,300 BOE after 10 months, 6-month payback.

Barnett: Well produced an additional 43,750 BOE after 25 months, 4-month payback.

Each dollar of investment returns $24.

3 year results of greater than 30% uplift for oil and gas vs control wells and less steep decline curve using Deeprop.

Operator in the Utica

15% uplift and

Capital Payback

in less than 2 months

Major Operator in Permian Basin

Experience shows that Deeprop works,
the facts speak for themselves.

As the Completion Manager for Vitruvian Exploration 2, we implemented the use of Deeprop® in 11 Deep Woodford completions in 2015 and 2016. The initial application of Deeprop® was in an area of the field where an increased number of natural fractures existed. We were at the upper limit of our treating pressures already, based on casing, so we utilized it in the pad to open up natural fractures and prevent a screen out. On each stage where we pumped the material in the pad we saw a decrease in average treating pressure by 500-800 psi. We didn’t screen out so we continued to do additional pairs tests to further vet the material. Not only was the average treating pressure lowered in each well, the EUR was higher on the well that Deeprop® was used in along with a shallower decline curve after 120 days. We continued with several more pairs tests with similar results. The EUR of the Deeprop® test wells were 18-34% higher (normalized by PPF sand pumped) at the 120 day mark. Each pair of wells tested had the same conclusion, the EUR of the Deeprop® test wells were higher than the direct offsets.

Rachael Osmus,

DeepropProduction Enhancement Mechanisms
DeepropProduction Enhancement Mechanisms

SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference and Exhibition
31 January–2 February 2023 | The Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center

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